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Month: October 2016

Keep Update my progress as Affiliate Marketer

  • Marketing Inc (2 Month Plan) Build a highly-profitable business that doesn’t rely on one traffic or income source, based around a niche you’re proud and excited to be apart of.

For everyone following my progress since I have started as Affiliate Marketer, might remember that I have made a decision to get help. When I say help I mean, get a business mentor, to help and guide me to learn how to successfully make money online as an Affiliate Marketer..

So, this post is a follow of some the things I am going to reach this same goal – “Make money online successfully as Affiliate Marketer

My mentor its being following my activities very closely and help me correct mistakes and avoid pitfalls .. But the most important, he have build a 21 Days program which I am following in order to learn, everything I need in order to start experiencing real success as Affiliate Marketer.. Read more

Before You Jump Into Your Personal Blog

Food For Thought Before You Jump Into Your Personal Blog

Why create a personal blog?
At its core, a personal blog, regardless of focus, is about your desire to communicate with a broader audience to fulfill a personal goal. (Here are 7 reasons to have a personal blog.)

Personal blogs aren’t diaries.

While a personal blog is like keeping a diary, it differs in several major ways. Unlike the old-fashioned hand written diary, there’s no lock and key.

In fact, the experience is exactly the opposite. By blogging, instead of keeping your thoughts private, you’re inviting the public to read them. Understand – once your content is public, it’s owned by your community of readers (unless you limit access through the use of password protection.) On the Internet, your blog is a public record that lives forever (or at least until the software disappears or is sold.) Lastly, blogs provide for engagement through their comments (if you allow them.) Read more

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