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Thought of Clueless Internet Marketer

As I was traveling in the tube, on my way to work ..

I couldn’t stop thinking ..”why am I still going to this job? “ ..I kept on asking … in the conversation with myself ..

But, am I not building a business ? Me asking again.. well yes I do “I answered”..

So, why can’t I just dedicate full time to business, and fire my boss for good?? .. uhmm ..I need to address an answer to that question ..but with actions ..

How to Become a so Called WiFi Millionaire

I want to tell you a parable about work.

One day, a #CNN reporter covered a story on the difficulty of finding work in 21st century #America.

Three friends had watched it together, huddled around the #Democrat’s iPad mini: a #Republican, a Democrat, and Laura. (We never quite figured out what Laura was… she didn’t talk much…)

The Republican stood up halfway through, pointed his finger at his friends, and said, “If poor people would just bend their backs and work hard, they could stop complaining about privilege problems and just enjoy their lives.” Read more

How to Find Affiliate Products to Promote on eBay and Amazon

If you are even a little bit familiar with eBay and Amazon, then you already know that you can buy practically any product in the world on either of these two sites.

Their search engines make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for: Simply type in some keywords and you are instantly connected with dozens of options. Ease of use and a nearly universal selection of products variety is what make them two most popular marketplaces on the planet.

Digital vs Physical

When considering what you should sell, there are two types of products to consider: Physical and digital. Physical products are actual things – electronics, real books, furniture, hair care products, and so on – that have to be physically delivered to the customer once they are purchased, usually through the mail or a delivery service like UPS. Read more

Keep Update my progress as Affiliate Marketer

For everyone following my progress since I have started as Affiliate Marketer, might remember that I have made a decision to get help. When I say help I mean, get a business mentor, to help and guide me to learn how to successfully make money online as an Affiliate Marketer..

So, this post is a follow of some the things I am going to reach this same goal – “Make money online successfully as Affiliate Marketer

My mentor its being following my activities very closely and help me correct mistakes and avoid pitfalls .. But the most important, he have build a 21 Days program which I am following in order to learn, everything I need in order to start experiencing real success as Affiliate Marketer.. Read more

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