Hey there, cool that you made to this website .. How is your day and Thank you for visit this page today … My name is Tchize Matias, I’m an Affiliate Marketer..

Well, I’m no like starting right now, I have started some years ago, precisely 3 years ago, but in all those years I haven’t managed to make much money online yet. Mostly because, I didn’t have a mentor nor thought that I needed one. (Stupid me for thinking that way...) That’s why I haven’t managed build the income I’ve always wished to achieve …Well, things are changing now .. As you can find out from my blog post’s

Thats me Tchize Matias

Here is me Tchize – pretty serious though

Know, I am open up to learn how to truly become an Affiliate Marketer. My background is not even marketing, I am an IT guy, with a degree in Cyber Security and Computer Forensics, but I am tired of being another guinea pig on the rat-race cycle.. I am searching for my break through with Affiliate Marketing…

Making a long story short, this same website with a blog, you have just landed, is the direct result of me accepting the challenge and putting in practice all that, I’ve being told to do in order to have success online and start making up a living as an affiliate marketer. And most important replace my salary with an online income – completely generated as an Affiliate Marketer .

Here it go.. Booom..Last week, I’ve made my first sale of $89.00 using, e-mail list .. Which by the way I’m sharing this short video, where I tried to send a quick e-mail broadcasting to my subscriber list of  (1828) Newsletter Subscribers, my subscribers are interested to hear from and receive content around, “Internet marketing, affiliate Marketing, make money online and working from home niches ” ..  1828 subscribers really ??


Fig. 02 – A screenshot of my Autoresponder software know as Sendlane ..

Yes man, I have pinch myself every time I see how far I have reach is this short time with help of business mentor , I still don’t believe I have 1828 people which are ready read my e-mails and listening to things I have to say.

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Here is the video:

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